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The Recipe for Closing High Ticket Clients and Creating Consistent $10k+ Months.

Pricing yourself "competitively", undervaluing your time and relying on a high volume of low ticket clients to generate revenue for your coaching/consulting business?

You've been trying all the different strategies, lead generation, ads and media platforms, but you aren't getting to that $10k month no matter how much harder you work.

The reason it "hasn't worked for you" is because in order to hit 5 figure months with low priced products/services is to have a huge pre-existing email list/social media audience, months of trial and error lead generation services OR have months (and money) to spend testing ads to see if they will convert or break even before you ever see profit.

If no one has told you yet - you definitely DON'T have to do that..

You get to value your time, your services and create an offer that your ideal client is willing to pay 5 figures for alone.

In the Five Figure Foundations Masterclass, I give you the framework for exactly how to get your consistent 5 figure months by closing just a few high ticket, high paying dream clients (and how I closed my first $10k client within 5 days of creating my offer).

Enter your details below and we will send you the link to the free masterclass so you can build your own high ticket offer!

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