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Effortlessly Sell Your High Ticket Offer

Selling a High Ticket Offer is how you get to easily scale past $10k a month in your coaching/consulting business.

Your dream clients don’t want your courses. They don’t want your one off sessions. They don’t want your monthly community. 


They already know they want to work with you and they’ve been waiting!

What your dream clients ACTUALLY want from you is something epic.

Something just for them.

A space with you to transform and become that next level version of themselves in their business.

And they want to pay you handsomely for this opportunity.

Go big or go home.

You aren’t for everybody.

So how do you create a high ticket offer that your ideal client actually wants to pay you $3k-$10k+ for?



Garrett focuses on helping his coaching and consulting clients go from inconsistent, low ticket monthly sales (<$10k months) in their business to effortless, multi 5 figure months through his high ticket offer framework.

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